Incidents records

1. June, 2004 World Expo Centre co;ltd was founded. 
2. February, 2005 World Expo Centre was built up. The government leaders Sun chunlan , Xia deren, Li yongjin, Huai zhongmin and Dai yulin and French EDDS company's architect Delali joined the completing ceremony. 
3. 3.18-3.21,
2005 The 13th China International Construction & Decoration Materials (Articles) Exhibition, which was the first exhibition held in World Expo Plaza.
4. 5.21-5.14, 2005 National College Equipment Exhibition was held in World Expo Centre.
5. 5.19-5.21
, 2005 the 54th China International Medical Raw Material, Intermediates, Packaging, Equipment Spring Trade Fair, which is the most historical, the greatest medical material first brand fair. The fair was first held in Dalian.
5.28-5.31, 2005 the 10th China International Furniture (export) and Woodworking Machinery Fair, which is the greatest fair in furniture industry in northeastern region. 
7. 6.23- 6.26
, 2005 Bo xilai, China's commerce minister, addressed the opening ceremony of the 3rd China International Software & Information Service Fair , which is the only national software fair permitted by the State Council of the People's Republic of China.
8.7.12, 2007
the 6th WTO Small Informal Minister Conference was held in the Multi-function Hall of the World Expo Centre. This conference is the greatest, the highest rank and the most influential international conference which was organized by Dalian .
9. 7.13-7.16
, 2005 the 19th Dalian Import and Export Commodities Fair 
10. 8.18- 8.20
2005 China International Patent Technology and Product Fair 
11. 8.26-8.29
, 2005 the 10th Dalian International Automotive Industry Exhibition, 2005
12. 8.26-8.28
, 2005 East Asia Tour Fair was held.
13. 9.1-9.2
, 2005 the meeting of Deputies from the Group of twenty nations and Central Bank, vice-minister of Finance Li yong and deputy governor of People's Bank of China attend the meeting as the representative of China.
14. 9.10-9.13