The brief introduction of Dalian World Expo Center CO.,LTD.

The Dalian World Expo center CO.,LTD was founded in June 2004, and is governed by the Dalian XingHai Bay Development & Construction Administration Center. It is equipped to host international and domestic trade fairs, conventions and exhibitions and is a member of The Federation of Consumer Products Trade Center for All China Cities as well as The China Convention and Exhibition society. The governing units of Convention Exhibition Fortune have bestowed the service award of Annual Selection of China Convention and Exhibition industry for 2005-2006, and rated the Expo Center in the Top 20 Profitable Exposition of the Exhibition Industry. It is also won the highest honor award of China Newly Rising Star in the China Convention Exhibition Summit Forum for 2007.
The Dalian World Expo center has four branches which include the Comprehensive Dept., Exhibition & Sales Dept., Property equipment (management) Dept. and Customer Service Dept. We have professional support teams who have high standards, high energy and a good knowledge to assist your every need. Our company is oriented by market economy and our main events include Convention and Exhibition. We uphold the banner of "Integrity, with Realistic and Innovative Services" as our operating purpose, with "Specialization, Industrialization and International focus" as our operating concept. With the continuous upgrade of innovation concepts and constant focus on service awareness, we are dedicated and trained to serve the needs of the overseas enterprises and customers. 
Under the great supporting of the municipal CPC committee and municipal government, and through the long-term unremitting effort, we have undertaking 123 exhibitions and 560 conventions which make us very experienced in taking and Managing large-scale exhibitions and conventions, and we focus on creating the link of the international business requirements. So far we have established many successful business relations within different industries for both overseas and domestic clients and carried out extensive cooperation to set up a good corporation image which has in turn made a positive contribution to the economic construction of Dalian and has created a platform for both large and medium-sized enterprises to quickly become involved into the world economy.
To enter our exhibition and convention—world link, exchange and co-operation, create brilliant.