The Introduction of Dalian World Expo Center
The Dalian world expo center represents the culmination of Dalian's 100 years of economic development. An outstanding feat of modern architecture, the center stands as a beacon of hope for the dramatic achievements that await Dalian in the 21st century.
The Dalian World Expo Center is located overlooking Asia's largest square, Xinghai Square, in one of Dalian's five "pioneering open business districts", the Xinghai Bay Financial Business District. The center enjoys excellent transportation links, mere 10 kilometers from Dalian international airport, 5 kilometers from the railway station, 8kilometers from the Harbor and 12 kilometers from the Dalian-Shenyang expressway.
The Dalian World Expo Center was designed by French architect Emmanuel Delarue from EDDS, this outstanding building combines elements of classical Chinese architecture with international features. The first phase of the Dalian World Expo Center covers the field of 58,000 square meters, with 142,000 square meters construction area and 50,000 square meters exhibition area that combined on demand with 2,500 standard stands served. The second phase of the project covers the field of 15,000 square meters, with 10,000 square meters exhibition area that has 500 standard stands served. The Dalian World Expo Center merges the functions of exhibitions, conferences, catering, tourism, business centers into an organic whole that is the ideal place to organize large-scale exhibitions and conferences.
The area of the first floor is 21,000 square meters and the second floor's area is 13,000 square meters. The 5,766 square meters multifunctional hall hosts over 3,500 people on large-scale convention and 1,500 on buffet, the 12 convention rooms contain 50-100 persons each. The magnificent Central Hall is 40 meters high and the building has 4,200 square meters of usable floor area. In all aspects of the buildings design and construction, the architect has striven to combine elegance and fashionable features with practical functions. Innovative in its use of color, the building seamlessly merges unique greys and reds to contrast with the Central Hall's glass curtain wall. Multiple refracted lights create spectacular effect in the Hall. The using area of the first floor lobby which can is 4,100 square meters. The hall has 100 square meters LED screen can broadcast celebrations and activities simultaneously at the scene.
World Expo Center set at the most advanced scientific and technological achievements and uses seawater cooling systems that protect environment and save energy. Every construction installs intelligent automatic sprinkler extinguishing systems in large space and special drainage that design for energy-saving and environmental protection. Shockproof structure meets the demands of using. The security is complete and the safety factor is high. All the equipments use intelligent and multifunctional management with professional voice communications, network information, public security, central air-conditioning and automatic fire control system. The center also installs advanced digital conferencing systems, interpretation, distance video conferencing, and public broadcasting system. The system has gone up to a new level in intelligent degree in 2007, and then become to world class standards. There are 3,500 information points, 20wireless ones and 1,000 phonic points. The area not only can received cable television, broadband and optical fiber, but also installs wireless Internet and mobile wireless coverage. The building's intelligence can control the indoor temperature and humidity, and it also can achieve real-time monitoring in security.
Dalian World Expo Center has undertaken 123 various domestic and international exhibitions when it had been put into operation in February 2005 and 1.68 million square meters exhibition area. We have held successfully China pharmaceutical raw materials equipment Sinopharm International Spring Fair, all institutions of higher education teaching equipment exhibition, the 57th China International Medical Devices Expo, the 57th National Drug Fair and 2007 China International Fisheries Fair. China International Medical Devices Expo and National Drug Fair's exhibition area become the largest in history that has 160,000 square meters. This is the first time that Sinopharm Reed Exhibition Co., Ltd. held its two largest exhibitions in one show. The exhibition has become the largest one in Dalian's history and brought direct benefits 4.4 billion.
It is another shining spot to undertake the meetings in the center, and we received 560 meetings totally at the end of 2007. "From Davos to Dalian: the Annual Meeting of the New Champions" has been held in Dalian World Expo Center in Sept. 2007. This is the first time that the World Economic Forum held the annual meeting in China. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao attended the opening ceremony and made a speech and Finnish President Tarja Halonen, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister Muhammad, Latvian Prime Minister Calvillo quarter Andean and Singapore Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong attended the meeting. More than 1,700 politicians, business leaders, experts and scholars from 90 countries and regions conducted communications and cooperation of innovative thinking and innovation of the business model and the latest technology. We received many high level meetings, "WTO informal mini-ministerial meeting", "20 Consortiums Ministers meeting" and then held "commemorate the 60th anniversary of victory of the war theatrical performance of Dalian" and "China International Textile Garment Expo opening ceremony".
The Dalian World Expo Center enjoys state-of-the-art facilities, world-class services and efficient administration. Building on Dalian's well-established exhibition industry, the Dalian World Expo Center will inevitably evolve as the venue of choice for conventions and exhibitions in China. Its creation truly marks a new era in the evolution of China's exhibition industry.